Welcome to our world of design! At Anja Kroon, we specialize in interior design services with a strong background in architecture. We regularly share posts about the stunning designs we create for our wonderful clients. A question we often get is, “What exactly do you do?” Let’s break it down.

As providers of interior design services, we get involved in projects from the construction or renovation phase. We consider the function of the space, the layout, logical routing, and of course, the interior design. Our mission is to create functional and beautiful spaces, paying attention to lighting (both artificial and natural), colour schemes, and materials. We work according to building regulations and know what is technically feasible during a renovation. Turning an empty space into something beautiful and practical is a fun challenge.

Our head designer, Anja Kroon, studied in England and has many years of technical experience. You are in safe hands with us. Choosing the right interior design services is a personal decision. It’s important to feel a good connection with the team responsible for your interior’s look. We ask detailed questions to understand your needs thoroughly. If you’re planning to renovate and redesign your entire house, team up with someone knowledgeable. At Anja Kroon, we ensure that your designer has experience with lighting plans, can interpret technical drawings, and has a background in architecture.

If you need help with colour usage, selecting furniture, or wallpaper, that’s called styling advice. Our company has several skilled stylists who provide styling consultations regularly. We are here to help you with all kinds of projects, big and small. If you have any questions or want to discuss a project, please get in touch. Explore our portfolio of completed projects on our website, which we are proud of.