When my husband and I embarked on the journey of turning our new house into the home of our dreams, we quickly realized that achieving the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality required expert guidance. This realization led us to Anja Kroon, an interior designer with a background in architecture, who became the key to making our vision a reality.

From the very first time we met Anja, we could tell she was a pro and knew a lot about design. She really paid attention to what we wanted and made it easy for us to understand. She took our ideas and turned them into a plan that matched exactly what we were looking for. Anja’s background in architecture also helped a lot. She didn’t just think about how things looked, but also how the building was put together.

Throughout the project, Anja’s expertise was truly a game-changer. Her thoughtfully curated selection of materials, colours (foto van moodbord), and textures perfectly encapsulated our desired theme and aesthetics.

Anja’s knowledge about buildings was super helpful. She made the things that were already in our house fit perfectly with the new design, making them look even better. She’s really good at making any room feel cozy and put-together.

And she didn’t just pick out furniture that we liked. She also gave us great ideas about where to put lights and how to arrange things in the space. She even knew a lot about using things that are good for the environment. She knows a lot about the industry and has a big network, so finding things that fit our budget was easy.
Anja’s professionalism extended to project management. She orchestrated timelines, liaised with contractors and suppliers, and kept us updated with seamless communication.
Thanks to Anja’s exceptional skills and unwavering dedication, our house has been elevated into a warm, inviting sanctuary that mirrors our style. Every room tells a story of harmony, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Anja, your exceptional talent has left an indelible mark on our lives, turning our house into a haven that truly feels like home. Thank you for your invaluable contribution.